I just found one of those tag thingers in my likes which means I never answered it, so here you go.

1. What is your favorite song quote of all time? I could be your perfect disaster, you could be my ever after

2. What is a tv show, movie, musician, game that you love more than mtrench? I’ll go with TV show. That’ll have to be American Horror Story.

3. Who in the world has helped you the most throughout your life? It hasn’t been throughout my life so much as just a little less than a year, but honestly, I have to say Dan Howell. One of his videos helped me figure out the hidden layer of my depression. I’m forever grateful for that.

4. Has Marianas Trench ever made you cry (because of sadness)? Does me crying over Josh BEING FUCKING SHOT in By Now count? No, but seriously. Yea. Songs that I can tie in with my depression have made me cry.

5. What’s the nicest thing that anyone could do for/to you when you need it? Just to actually be there for me, I think.

6. Hobbies? Basically just internet. Tumblr and Twitter. I used to read a lot. I really don’t these days.

7. What’s one of your most prized objects you own? I think my selfie with Dan and Phil. I’m gonna get it printed, so it will be an object soon.

8. Favorite book? Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, hands down.

9. Favorite thing about yourself? My loyalty.

10. What irritates you about what some other Trenchers do/have done before? I’m not gonna answer this.

11. Favorite color to wear? Black. Always go with black.

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that look at the end though

#sorry but a guy that’s able to quote shakespeare at the drop of a hat is about ten bazillion times more attractive than a guy that can’t



(on August 20, 1974, God created Himself)